Fire Poi

Kevlar Wick, Ball chain, leather grips,
no exposed metal parts on the bottom
of the poi, cathedral heads.

$65 (sold in pairs)
Kevlar Arm Sleeves

14" Kevlar Arm sleeves with thumb hole

$35 per pair
Non Fire Practice POI

Custom made, creative, no two pair
are the same!
Ball chain, grips, and removable heads.

Handmade Art by Sequoia

$35 per pair
Dancing Props
(Fire, Glow, Non Fire)
Non Fire Poi
Silk Fans
*allow 3 weeks for delivery

Short Fans $25 pair
22" wide  x 17" long
Pick any color combo

Long Fans $40 pair
22" wide  x 58" long
Pick any color combo
Fire Poi
Fire Snakes

Ball chain, and leather grips.
*Extreme fire, for advanced fire

Handmade Art by Molly Butterfly

$85 (sold in pairs)