Ignite Your Passion
Learn to Dance with Fire
Journey into the heartwood and create space for the spirit to dance.  
Awaken, Embody, Align, Purify, Pulsate, Vibrate, Radiate, Ignite!
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Classes Offered
Classes run in five week segments with the sixth week off.  Group classes are 75 minutes and privates are 60
minutes.  If you are new to the art form, it is generally best to start with private lessons to build up basic technique
before joining group classes.  Once booked, classes must be used within 2 months of purchase.  No refunds after
purchase and no refunds on missed classes/privates once scheduled.  Once booked if a date needs to shift, 24 hours
advanced notice is needed otherwise class is considered a missed class.
How to schedule classes
Pay for classes and use contact form to schedule classes  
Flow Arts Classes
Flow arts classes are a fabulous way to connect with your body, develop a better relationship with the space around and within
you, as well as a great way to learn to discover rhythm. A moving meditation designed to integrate the whole being through
geometrical movements.
Cultivate internal fire
Transform your life with
yoga, movement, and the
breath.  Classes may
include meditation,
pranayama, ecstatic
movement, strength
building, deep relaxation,
healing sounds, and Reiki
energy balancing.  Learn
to cultivate the inner
fire.  This is the seed
from where our fire dance
Awakening to natures
Poi are weights on tethers
that are rhythmically spun
around the body in a conscious
dance. Used by the Maori
culture of New Zealand,
learning to work with poi is a
geometrical adventure
through the world of timing,
direction, and space. Poi
Dance is a moving meditation
that improves coordination,
balance, flexibility, and
strength, is a great way to
tune into the body, exercise
the brain, and develop refined
motor skills.
Fan Dance
Learning to fly
Fans are beautiful, wing like, hand
held dance tool that accents many
cultural dances, or can be a dance on
their own.  Fan dancing is a fun and
beautiful way to express ourselves.  
This class teaches basic movements
that build up to a group
choreographed routine and is a
perfect introduction to fire dancing.  
Learning to dance with fans is
learning to let our internal dance
expand outward from the heart.
Aligning with truth
Staff is a long stick with
two weights on each end.  
With this dance we learn to
embrace strength, integrity,
and alignment with source
as the structure of our
dance.  The class includes
Modern and other forms of
dance, along with yoga,
creative movement, and
basic technique.
Fire Dance Classes
Learn how to work with the element fire as it exists within our own personal experience as well as externally as it relates to
our environment and those around us. Fire Dance classes are as much about our own personal journey as it is our collective
journey. Fire dancing is a culmination of flow art technique, fire safety, and a dance or movement ability. Fire Dance Classes
are offered once a student can demonstrate proficiency in three Flow Arts techniques, a movement form, along with having all
necessary equipment. The first step is to sign up for Flow Classes and take the Fire Safety Training.
Fire Safety Training (30 hours)
Level 1
5 Hours
Lecture based class that covers the  basic information
about fire safety, local codes, what a fire safety does,
and the importance of fire safety. Fire Safety training
is a requisite for fire dance and is specific to the
Sacred Fire Dance Company Fire Safety protocol. The
Fire Safety training is in accordance with the North
American Fire Arts Association (NAFAA) and consists of
three levels.  Level one introduces the basics of fire
safety from rules to fuels, fire extinguishers, and first
aid. Class meets for 4 weeks for 1 hour 30 minutes per
Level 2
5 Hours
Level two is hands on practicing fire
safety in a class setting. Student
provides fire safety for students
learning fire.  Class meets for 5
weeks, 1 hour 15 minutes per week.  
May be repeated 1 time for another 5
Level 3
20 Hours
Level three is hands on
practicing at live fire
shows.  This level of fire
safety training does not
cost and is where the fire
safety is given plenty of
opportunity to practice fire
safety skills and learn the
needs of different shows.  
Provides a well rounded
training for a variety of
environments that fire
shows happen in. Students
who complete the full 30
hours will be offered paid
fire safety opportunities. .
Class Etiquette
    Awaken to the fact that the heart has an electromagnetic field that extends 10' - 15' around us.
    Know that which repels us the most is usually where our greatest challenges exist.
    Embody acceptance and remain patient with both our-selves and others.
    Discover what you have to offer and what you have to learn.
    Everyone has something to offer and something to learn.
    Realize that there is no competition, only cooperation.
    See the interconnectedness of all phenomena.
    Work for the benefit of others (SEVA).
    Meditate instead of complain.
    Show respect.
    Be Kind.
Classes Offered
Pay for classes series by series