Performer (Oakland, CA)

Water Dog Punkstress
Dancer of the Burning Night
Staff spinning enthusiast creating the flaming hype.

Demitra’s journey as a professional performer and
healing artist began shortly after moving to Sacramento,
enrolling in a school of holistic health, and beginning fire
dance classes with Sequoia in 2006. An observer and
listener yet naturally theatrical and expressive, Demitra
deeply believes in the power of silent interpersonal
connection- striving to profoundly engage with groups of all sizes in an
authentic, stimulating manner that resonates and replenishes. Summoning the spirit of
dynamic transformation and graceful empowerment, her healing sessions, movement
classes, and performances are infused with a joyful passion to share the mental, physical,
emotional, and transcendent benefits of mindful touch and movement. Having spent a
lifetime cultivating diverse experiences in the dramatic, musical, narrative, and movement
arts, Demitra appreciates providing performance, session and class experiences that are
comfortable and accessible to all persons of all levels of experience, skill, fitness and health.

Performance Repertoire:

Fire: Staff, Hula Hoop, Fans, Wands, Cane, Wings, Flag, Palm Candles infused with
modern interpretive dance.

Non-Fire: Staff, Hula Hoop, Ribbons, Silk Fans