Stage Shows
Choreographed act, recorded music, best viewed by a captive audience; meant to be a main attraction.
Ambient Entertainment
Booked by the hour, ambient, walk around, best for mingling, social crowds does not music.
How much space is needed?
A designated performance area at least 12'x 12' with ample over head clearance.
For more than one performer and any large fire act requires more.
Time of Day?
Fire shows are best outdoors, later in the day.
For daylight shows, consider placing the fire show in a shaded area free of flammable obstructions.
What do Fire shows include?
Fire eating, fire fans, fire staff, fire poi, fire belts, fire swords, fire fingers, and fire hoops.
For larger venues, we can offer fire wings, fire whips, fire breathers, and a fire "poofer".
Are Permits Needed?
For private parties on private property, not usually.
For larger public events on public property or indoor events, mostly.
Fire codes vary by city, county, state, and fire department.
Permit costs are not included in rate quote or shows costs.
Fire Safety
We take safety as our number one priority and have a 100% safe record
in 13+ years of performing an average of 100+ fire shows a year.
Performers are insured through Specialty Insurance.
All shows include a fire safety to support the fire element of our act.
We are Members of NAFAA; the North American Fire Arts Association; since 2010.
Performers are insured and licensed to work in Nevada State.
Safety Plan
Fire and safety equipment is frequently inspected to make sure  all parts are safe and secure,
The fueling station is kept at a safe distance from the performance area,
Fire tools that are not in use are kept next to the fire safety and away from passageways,
All fuel is kept in original containers,
All fuel is kept covered when not in use,
On-stage fuel is limited to 8oz,
Excess fuel is dripped/spun off in secure area away from guests,
Duvateyne is used for extinguishing tools,
The audience is kept at a safe distance from the flame,
The performance space is clear, free of debris, and a minimum of 12' x 12',
Permits are obtained when required,
Performers are sober,
Clothing is Fire suitable.
Do shows include Audience Integration or Lessons?
Audience interaction with the guest of honor or designated guests may be included.
The interaction may include Contact Fire and Fire Eating (only guests 18+), hula hoop, poi, or dance lessons, and
photographs with the dancers and guests.
How Long is a typical performance?
The length of a stage show varies from 10 - 15 minute solo shows, to 15 - 20 minute two - three dancer shows, 20 - 25
minute three or four dancer shows, or 30 - 45 minute shows which require a minimum of four dancers.  Ambient
performers are booked by the hour.  
May include Bollywood, Island Luau, Halloween, Fairy (great for children's parties), Fire and Ice,
Mardis Gras, Carnival, Masquerade, Cirque, Flamenco, Black Tie, or Black Light;
with the ability to accommodate just about any theme put before us.
The music and costume are carefully chosen to compliment the visual component to your event.
Photos for possible theme and costume ideas.
Recorded to suit theme.
Expect to receive experienced, professional performers and an exciting show.
Please take a look at our
Testimonials page to read about what people are saying.  
Travel needs will vary depending on location.
Anything not within reasonable driving distance will require air, hotel, and daily per diem for the total number of
performers, including one safety, in addition to the cost of the show.
We performed events for the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau for 8 years,
Inside the Sacramento Convention Center and the Hyatt downtown Sacramento,
at the Ritz Carlton and The Hyatt at Lake Tahoe,
for Wavy Gravy's 70th Birthday Celebration at the Berkeley Repertoire Theatre
with Joan Baez, Kitaro, Bob Weir, Les Claypool, and Mickey Hart,
for CBS Radio since 2012,
at the Mondavi Center in Davis, CA with Michael Bayard and Mary Youngblood,
for Callson Manor Haunted House in Roseville, CA since 2010,
88 shows at the California State Fair with Fire Pixie whom Sequoia has worked for since 2008,
in addition to over 1000 shows for Huis Ten Bosch, Japan,
along with numerous California wineries and Corporations like FPI Management, Teva, Seva, Teecom;
we will perform for events and parties of all sizes in just about any location.
Determined by the number of dancers, type of show, location, number of sets, and length of time.
Booking Process
If interested in booking, please first provide us as much information about the event as possible, what you are looking
for, and what type of budget you are trying to make it work with.
We will then respond with a rate quote.
To officially book and accept the quote,
Please pay the $150 non refundable booking deposit to secure the date; link above.
Balances over $1000 required a 20% non refundable booking deposit.
Forms of Payment
Cash, Check (payable to Obsidian Butterfly), Credit Card (3% processing fee applies), and PayPal.