ShupaDa was formed in January, 2012, by Ayre Briar and JR,
so that they could create and perform collaborative pieces
together to supplement their own solo dance careers. The
name “ShupaDa” comes from the phrase, “Shut Up and
Dance!” We all tend to take ourselves a little too seriously at
times, forgetting to just enjoy life and have fun. ShupaDa’s
goal as a troupe is to put the focus dance and the many
benefits it can bring us creative expression, joy, freedom,
connection to others and better overall health.
Arctic Fire

Fire troop from Anchorage and Wasilla in Alaska, We are pleased to have
expanded into California where we hope to expand our troop, and become
more well known as well as start running classes, fire camping trips, and
other fun activities around the world of Flow. We are pleased to be apart of
Fire Spectacular this year, as well as are excited to have found our place in

Sacramento-based fire performance troupe founded in 2007
that performs at a variety of public and private events
including Burning Man, Sacramento's annual Fire
Spectacular, weddings, fundraisers, and parties.
Fire Pixie

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our mission is to bring happiness to all sorts of people, through great energy, smiles,
and amazing performances.

Fire Pixie Entertainment was created by Erin St. Blaine in April of 2002. Erin had been
fire dancing and entertaining for nearly ten years "on the side," and when she decided
that making people happy was the way she wanted to spend her life, Fire Pixie
Entertainment was born.

Since its inception, the company has grown to include over 20 amazing performers,
including character actors, balloon twisters, face painters, and fire performers. We
have performed at all sorts of events, from festivals to private parties to corporate
events and beyond.

Resides in Big Bend, California a very small mountain community
about 4 hours drive from Sacramento. We are hip mothers,
organic gardeners, and land lovin' devotees of Mama Earth!
2012 Performances

Brings Drum Circles and Percussion Performances to your group or
venue. Drumsum is a 1-7 member band that interpretes various rhythms
from around the world with Vocals, Didgeridoos, Percussion, and melodic
instruments, providing meditative, trance dance, and multi cultural rock
Obsidian Butterfly

Sacramento's premier fire dance and performing arts group since
2003.  Our shows include multiple styles of dance and music,
infused with myth and fantasy to create a unique story told
through movement.  Please join us for the 2012 Vision Quest
where we journey into the dream world to bring long forgotten life
dreams to the surface.   
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"The disco ball shorts are coming back!"
Crimson Muse has been performing professionally since
2005. Her early experience was as a cabaret dancer without fire.
She has performed with Obsidian Butterfly, Hot Pot Studio, Fire Pixie,
Bold Fusion, Members of Heyoka, The Fire University, and many
solo performances. In addition to her work as a dancer, Crimson
Muse is the founding director of Healing Pathways Psychological
Services where she is a business owner, clinical supervisor to up
and coming therapists in the Sacramento community, and a clinical
psychologist to her many patients. Dance is one of the many
'Healing Pathways' for Crimson Muse.
Print Tech
Moonmajick Creations
Henna by Jenna
Kundalini Bellydance

A fusion belly dance troupe based in the Sierra Nevada foothills
in Amador County. Our style is inspired by American Tribal Style
belly dance blending choreographed and improvisational
into colorful dances.
Farm Fresh To You
Street Team

Street Team is the little sister troupe to Unmata and Verbatim at
Hot Pot Studios. Trained in Amy Sigil's unique style of belly
dance fusion choreography and ITS (Improvisational Tribal
Style), Street Team also has a passion for fire performance.
We bring a fun, fluid and powerful energy to our fire dance and
can be found burning it up all over Sacramento!
Photography by
Andy Pischalnikoff,

Andy has been photographing
the event since 2008.
Thank you Andy for helping to
build a photographic journey of
the festival's progression in
such a beautiful and amazing

Photo Collections by year
Video by
Andrew Gayner